Our Profile

Austute was established in 2009 with the intention of providing strategic sales and marketing expertise to innovative manufactures of quality durable goods. Our focus is on products that offer technological or environmental advantage to their target market. Our speciality is driving the growth of products manufactured or designed in Australia. Since inception Austute has assisted numerous clients achieve growth across a diverse range of industries. These include:

    • Climate Control and HVAC
    • Medical Equipment
    • Renewable Energy
    • Mining and Transport Technology
    • Customised Electronics

Austute is also recognised as a specialist technical sales agency for commercial durable products especially those associated with the HVAC industry. Austute is always willing to engage with organisations seeking our expertise. If your idea, product or company might benefit from an association with Austute’s skills and expertise we look forward to meeting with you.

Martin Salmon Founding director of Austute.

Martin and daughter Jessica

Martin has operated in the Western Australian heating and cooling market for over 20 years. During this time Martin has amassed an unrivalled level of industry expertise. This knowledge, along with his willingness to assist specifiers and mechanical services organisations, sees Martin as a much-respected member of the HVAC community in Western Australia.

Prior to this Martin had 12 years experience in a senior purchasing management role with Wesfarmers Energy where Martin develop strong negotiating skills and an eye for future markets.

Martin’s background offers a hard to rival combination of hands on expertise and experience that he is always happy to share to the benefit of Austute’s client base.

Yvette Combes

Yvette has been associated with Bonaire products since 1982. This wealth of knowledge and experience is invaluable and appreciated by all Climate Technologies customers and dealers.

Jessica Salmon

Jessica joined Austute Sales in August 2014 in a business development role and has become an integral part of the business’s success. Jessica is currently juggling her time between Austute and her new role as a mother.

Cody Salmon

Cody joined Austute in March 2017 in an operational role. His experience coming from the mining industry has provided the company with invaluable expertise.